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Hello! We are Clan Huntington! We're a family of five: a Spartan dad, a mommy in a wheelchair, and three wild wee ones. Together, we've been to 29 countries and explored across the U.S. On this blog, we share our adventures with travel (accessibility), parenthood, disability, and our faith in God.


This blog first began in February 2009 under the name of "Diary of a Traveling Wheelchair," when Martina, a sophomore in college (not yet a mommy or married), was involved in a snowboarding accident, resulting in a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and paralysis from the waist down. She chronicled her struggles and victories navigating a new life in a wheelchair, and traveling the world.


Fast forward a few years later, Martina married her college sweetheart, A.J. Huntington, and together they formed "Clan Huntington," something adopted from living in Scotland (although our name is English). As we were going through our own pregnancies and experiences such as parenthood in wheelchair, we quickly learned that there were some challenges that we were unaware and unprepared to face because of the lack of resources. We started this blog to help others navigate and better understand life and parenthood in a wheelchair as well as chronicle our family adventures. We believe that we are here on this earth to learn and grow, and experiences and trials are the best teachers, so here we are adventuring and loving it!


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A little about us:

A.J. (Dad) is a kid in a man's body. He's an extreme adventurer, planning trips even in his sleep. He seeks the thrills of exploring new spaces and cultures. Stemming from his Filipino heritage and church service mission in Massachusetts, Cambodian speaking, he is a fanatic of Asian films, shows, literature, food and countries in Asia. His goal each day is to make his wife laugh and wrestle with the kids. He's an expert travel packer and the designated ox who hauls our load on all our travels. His current adventures are being a grad student, exercising, and throwing spears to train for Spartan races. He's the chillest and strictest parent--figure that one out.


Martina (Mom) is spunky and sweet. She is a mommy in a wheelchair (Spinal Cord Injury. T11/12 paraplegic from a snowboarding crash in 2009) and family travel co-planner. She loves with a passion and seeks joy in the little things. She is the daughter of Cambodian refugees, which has shaped her attitude towards appreciating what she has in life. She is the designated water bottle handler and makes sure everyone stays hydrated and no one gets lost on our travels. Her current adventures are mommying in a wheelchair, handcycling, monoskiing, being an IT Project Manager, and being a friend. The mountains are her second home. She loves testing her speed and getting places fast!


Boston is the little man of the house with enough sweetness and opinions to fill anyone's day. He is talkative, imaginative, tricky, and just darn funny (those knock knock jokes though). He teases his sisters to the max. His current adventures are navigating kindergarten and playing super heroes and soccer with his buddies.


Audrey is the feisty and adorable older sister. We call her "Peanut" and our adorable Audrey. She is a little all over the place, and gets into everything. She is a super sweet and a little spicy on the side. She has the biggest smiles that light up her whole face. She loves snuggles and kisses and gives the biggest hugs. Her current adventures are trying out run her brother and picking flowers.


In March 2018, we welcomed little Charlotte "Lottie" to the family. Mommy had her while finishing up her master's degree with 20 credits and wrangling two wild siblings. She is the calm after the storm. Because of this, her Khmer name, សន្តិភាព (Sonthepeap) means "peace." As the baby of the family, she commands the whole house with her cuteness, naturally.


We're so glad you're here, so pack your bags and come along with us!


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