Thursday, May 11, 2017

Back (Monoskiing) On the Slopes

I know we're gearing up for summer, and I'm excited for all the fun stuff to do with our little family, but a little part of me is really going to miss winter and the beautiful snow. Let's be real though, I'm going to miss mono skiing the most. As some of you know, I've gotten back into adaptive snow sports through Wasatch Adaptive Sports (WAS), and my life has become exponentially more thrilling! It's been so much fun to reflect on this past season.

I remember driving up to Snowbird to monoski for the first time. It was honestly a bittersweet feeling for me to get up on a snowy mountain again and not strap on my boots, but get strapped into a monoski. I was afraid because snow is hard enough to navigate with use of your legs, so a crash seemed eminent for someone who had absolutely no use of their legs like me...and how would I get back up then? However, my instructors put me at ease and patiently taught me the basics of the monoski, amidst picking me up as I fell each time I didn’t start my turns quick enough. They were super fun and so encouraging. From that lesson, I was hooked and went back every Friday, sometimes even Saturdays, too, so I could learn to spend more time skiing than falling. There’s no greater feeling than breathing in the fresh winter air and flying freely down the mountains again. It brought back the freedom and exhilaration I've missed for so long. I love skiing so very much.
Ski lessons with Peter has been some the most amazing and uplifting experiences.
The A-Team. My instructor turned ski bud, Alex.
My husband and I are incredibly grateful we have had this opportunity to do sports with our number one supporters, WAS, at no cost, especially as we are struggling to get through graduate school and care for our little family. We hope one day, we’ll be able to share our love of winter with our children and build wonderful memories together. I foresee many slopes to shred down in our future. I mean, since there are SO MANY beautiful mountains in Utah calling our names, we might as well enjoy them all right?

With a rigorous and stressful schedule, having a healthy outlet through WAS has been the greatest blessing for me. I feel physically and mentally stronger and more prepared to take on the responsibilities I hold. Being active makes me so much happier and excited about life. Life is more complete as I challenge myself and thrive. I look forward to pushing myself and having fun with awesome people every week. Because of WAS, I love winter again. I’m so grateful for this wonderful program that enriches so many lives by boosting up confidence and independence. I try to share this joy every chance I get (so I'm doing it here!). I love helping people enjoy adaptive sports, and realize that despite the challenges life throws at us, the possibilities are endless. Now matter who you are and what circumstances you are in, this life is to be enjoyed, so we must get back up [on the slopes] and live! Check out some footage on my Insta @clanhuntington
My greatest supporter and love, AJ.

(P.S. I haven't packed up my gear yet. I'm still holding out hope that we'll be skiing through to the Fourth of July!)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth Be With You

I love Star Wars!!! It was a cinematic staple growing up, as it was for many others. Star Wars is one of the earliest movies I can remember watching as a kid, besides all the old school Disney stuff. When we first got internet, the internet was still dial up, one of my favorite sites to visit was I love to just look at pictures, art, and get little insider tips.

When Star Wars Episode I came out, I have to admit I was excited. This was Start Wars for me and my generation - too bad the prequels weren't nearly as good - yet they still hold a special place in my heart. I can't tell you how many times I watched the fight (on VHS) between Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Darth Maul (I always wanted to be a Jedi...)

My love of Star Wars stuck with me through adolescence. As Martina and I started dating in college, I found out she hadn't seen all of any of the Star Wars, so like any good boyfriend I made her watch them (yes even Jar Jar).

What does all this have to do with today? Are you serious? It's one of the nerdist unofficial holidays celebrated around - its STAR WARS DAY!!!

So bust out your lightsaber and blaster, find a Wookie, hop aboard your T-16 and get to celebrating already!!! (Obviously Star Wars is still something I have a lot of fun with and so happy to have a family that's willing to "celebrate" with me.)


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