Friday, March 31, 2017

Ski Season

Clan Huntington, we're those crazy children of winter who want snow beyond Christmas day. We want powder days every weekend. We want to ride the frozen waves of frosty peaks and bask in the "greatest snow on earth." Snowboarding. Skiing. Heck, even sledding. We love it all. Is it cold when we have to scrape snow off our car? Yes. Do we love our heated seats? Yes. Does snow and slush get everywhere? Do we go through bottles of lotion each month? Do we drink immoderate amounts of hot chocolate? Yes, yes, and yes - and it's totally worth it. We pray for snow.

Admittedly, there are aspects of winter that are less desirable (too cold, dry skin, accidents...). Winter can get especially difficult for Martina as curb cut outs aren't always clear, ramps get slick, and snow gets all over her tires and therefore her. I just hate getting soggy socks (hard life, right?). In the end though, hitting the slopes is what it's all about, and this last season has been great. 

It has been eight years since Martina's accident, and seven since she first tried mono skiing, but this year, Clan Huntington committed to her getting really good. We saw it as an investment in our family's future. To be able to take a family ski day (or many, many days) in the future sounds like a perfect winter. So we each sacrificed. Martina would take lessons once or twice a week with the great team at Wasatch Adaptive Sports. This meant less time with us and that she needed to be on top of her homework. For me, I had to take up skiing (forgive me, my snowboarding brothers and sisters, but sacrifices had to made for this snowy dream). 

Hitting the slopes with Martina this season was so reminiscent of the year we both got heavily into snowboarding. Sitting with her on the ski lift, throwing snowballs at her, and cruising down the mountain just felt right. And isn't that what it's really all about? We could be doing any number of things and having a great time, but this is our passion. It's always a good day when you can be on the mountain, but it's better when you can be up there with your best friend. 

Spring Skiing at Sundance

It has been great to see Martina grow from needing to be tethered to being able to ski free. She still has a long ways to go, and so do I, but we're on our way to becoming a skiing family! So for those of you who are stuck on your couch this winter, get up, get your gear (or borrow some friend's stuff), and get outside. Hit the slopes. Snowshoe a trail. Take a jump in a sled. Whatever it is you want to try, don't let winter pass you by. We've still got a few more great ski days left. Enjoy 'em!

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